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          The largestMetals Service CenterCompany In North America

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          Price: $116.05

          Change: 3.21

          Our Family of Companies

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          Sarah J. (“Sally”) Anderson

          Sarah J. ("Sally") Anderson joined the Board of Directors in July 2012. She retired from Ernst & Young LLP in June 2008, after more than 24 years, including as an assurance and advisory services partner. Ms. Anderson was appointed by the Governor to the California Board of Accountancy for two terms ending in 2014, and has served as the board president. She is also a member of the Accountancy Licensee Database committee and the Uniform Accountancy Act committee of the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA), and she serves on the boards of American States Water Company, Kaiser Ventures LLC, the Pacific Symphony, and the Orange County Community Foundation. Ms. Anderson holds a BS in Business Administration from Northeastern University. She is a CPA and a member of the AICPA and the California Society of CPAs. She is the Chair of Reliance’s Audit Committee and a member of the Compensation Committee and Nominating and Governance Committee.

          John G. Figueroa

          John G. Figueroa was appointed a director of Reliance in October 2010. From July 2014 to September 2018, Mr. Figueroa was the chief executive officer of Genoa Healthcare, the leading behavioral health specialty pharmacy in the United States. Mr. Figueroa has served as chairman of the board of directors of Apria Healthcare Group Inc., one of the nation's leading home healthcare companies, since November 2012 and also served as the company’s chief executive officer from November 2012 until January 2014. From January 2011 until June 2012, Mr. Figueroa served as a director and the chief executive officer of Omnicare, Inc., which was a public company during that time and a leading provider of pharmaceuticals to seniors. From 2006 to December 2010, Mr. Figueroa served as president of the U.S. Pharmaceutical Group of McKesson Corporation, the largest pharmaceuticals distributor in North America. Mr. Figueroa served in other senior management positions with McKesson Corporation from 1997 to 2006. Mr. Figueroa has served as an officer in the United States Army. Mr. Figueroa serves as Chair of our Compensation Committee and as a member of our Nominating and Governance Committee.

          Thomas W. Gimbel

          Thomas W. Gimbel was appointed a director of Reliance in January 1999. Mr. Gimbel has been retired since 2006 and, until recently, served as Trustee of the Florence Neilan Trust, which, for many years, was one of Reliance’s largest shareholders. Between 1984 and 2006, Mr. Gimbel was the president of Advanced Systems Group, an independent computer consulting firm. From 1975 to 1984, he was employed by Dun & Bradstreet. Mr. Gimbel serves as a member of our Nominating and Governance Committee.

          Douglas M. Hayes

          Douglas M. Hayes became a director of Reliance in September 1997. From 1986 to his retirement in February 1997, he was managing director of investment banking at Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette Securities Corporation, which was the underwriter in our initial public offering in 1994, and an underwriter in our 1997 public equity offering. After his retirement, Mr. Hayes established his own investment firm, Hayes Capital Corporation. Mr. Hayes serves as a member of our Audit Committee, Compensation Committee and Nominating and Governance Committee. He is also a director of Circor International, Inc., a public company listed on the NYSE.

          Mark V. Kaminski

          Mark V. Kaminski was appointed to Reliance’s board of directors in November 2004. He was chief executive officer and a director of Commonwealth Industries Inc. (now Aleris International, Inc.) from 1991 to his retirement in June 2004. Mr. Kaminski held various positions at Commonwealth Industries Inc. since 1987. Mr. Kaminski is executive chairman of the board of Graniterock, a privately-held company that supplies the construction industry. He received a BS degree in Business from Indiana University and an Advanced Management degree from Harvard Business School. Mr. Kaminski serves as a member of Reliance’s Compensation Committee, Audit Committee and the Nominating and Governance Committee. In 2016 he was appointed Reliance’s independent, non-executive Chairman of the Board.

          Andrew G. Sharkey, III

          Andrew G. Sharkey, III was appointed a director of Reliance in July 2007. Mr. Sharkey served as president and CEO of the American Iron and Steel Institute from 1993 until his retirement in October 2008, and from 1978 to 1993 he held various positions with the Steel Service Center Institute (currently the Metals Service Center Institute) including president, executive vice president, and director of education. Mr. Sharkey serves as a member and the Chair of our Nominating and Governance Committee and a member of our Compensation Committee and our Audit Committee. He is also a director of General Moly, Inc. a public company with securities listed on the NYSE Alternext (formerly the American Stock Exchange). Mr. Sharkey earned an MAT degree from Duquesne University and a BA in Political Science from Yale University.

          David H. Hannah

          David H. Hannah was appointed a director of Reliance in 1992. Mr. Hannah served as Chief Executive Officer of Reliance from January 1999 to May 2015, Chairman of the Board from October 2007 to May 2015, Executive Chairman of the Board from May 2015 to July 2016, and Chairman Emeritus from July 2016 until his retirement in August 2016. Mr. Hannah served as President of Reliance from November 1995 to January 2002. Prior to that, he was Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer from 1992 to 1995, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer from 1990 to 1992 and Vice President and Division Manager of the Company’s Los Angeles Reliance Steel Company division from 1989 to 1990. Mr. Hannah served as an officer of the Company from 1981 until his retirement in August 2016. For eight years before joining Reliance in 1981, Mr. Hannah was employed in various professional staff positions by Ernst & Whinney (a predecessor to Ernst & Young LLP, which was our independent registered public accounting firm through 2007). As the former Chief Executive Officer of the Company, Mr. Hannah has an in-depth knowledge of the Company’s operations and its strategic vision. He developed and implemented the Company’s merger and acquisition growth strategy that has resulted in over 65 acquisitions since our initial public offering in September 1994. Mr. Hannah is well respected within the metals service center industry. He previously served as chairman of the board of directors of the Metals Service Center Institute.

          Gregg J. Mollins

          Gregg J. Mollins was appointed a director of Reliance in September 1997 and also serves as Senior Advisor to the Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Mollins was President and Chief Executive Officer from May 2015 to December 2018. Mr. Mollins became President in 2002 and served as Chief Operating Officer from May 1994 to May 2015. Mr. Mollins was Executive Vice President from November 1995 to January 2002. He also served as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer from 1994 to 1995 and as Vice President from 1992 to 1994. Mr. Mollins joined Reliance in 1986 as Division Manager of the former Santa Clara division, following ten years with certain of our competitors in various sales and sales management positions. Mr. Mollins has spent his entire career in the metals service center industry and has been exposed to every operational area of the business. As our former President and Chief Executive Officer, he offers in-depth industry expertise and has developed extensive contacts in the metals service center industry and with mills and other suppliers.

          James D. Hoffman

          President & Chief Executive Officer

          Reliance History
          2019-Present President & Chief Executive Officer
          2016-2019 Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
          2015-2016 Executive Vice President, Operations
          2008-2015 Senior Vice President, Operations
          2006-2008 Chief Operations Officer, Earle M. Jorgensen Company
          2006-2008 Executive Vice President, Earle M. Jorgensen Company
          Prior Experience
          1996-2006 Vice President, Earle M. Jorgensen Company (Cleveland, Cleveland Plate, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Hartford, Canadian Operations, Boston; Eastern Region)
          1991-1996 District Manager, Earle M. Jorgensen Company (Cleveland & Buffalo)
          1980-1991 United States Steel Corporation
          Industry Affiliations or Awards
          Board of Directors, Metals Service Center Institute
          BS, Advertising/Marketing, West Virginia University

          Growing up in Pittsburgh, home of the American steel industry, Jim Hoffman practically had steel in his veins. Summer jobs in local steel mills were the norm, yet this experience, though grounding him in the basics of the industry, taught him that he actually didn’t want to work in a steel mill. Despite his best efforts to avoid it, though, Jim found himself gaining more experience in steel and other metals. It was the sales and operations sides of the business, however, which piqued his interest and allowed him to apply his degree in Advertising and Marketing. After 11 years with United States Steel Corporation, Jim went on to a 17-year career with Earle M. Jorgensen Company, rising to the position of Chief Operating Officer in Chicago. EMJ was acquired by Reliance in 2006, and two years later Jim relocated to the West Coast to assume the position of Senior Vice President of Operations at Reliance’s corporate office. In 2015, Jim was promoted to Executive Vice President, Operations and was named Chief Operating Officer in 2016. Effective January 1, 2019, he succeeded Gregg Mollins as President and Chief Executive Officer. On October 22, 2019, he was appointed to Reliance’s Board of Directors.

          Stephen P. Koch

          Senior Vice President, Operations

          Reliance History
          2010-Present Senior Vice President, Operations
          2007-2010 President, Chapel Steel
          2005-2007 Executive Vice President, Chapel Steel
          Prior Experience
          1995-2005 Vice President, Chapel Steel
          1988-1994 Sales Manager, Chapel Steel
          BA, Public Relations (minor Business Administration), Shippensburg University

          A dissatisfying stint as a stock broker trainee caused Stephen P. Koch to apply for an open position at Chapel Steel; he was hired as Chapel’s first full-time sales representative. In this new capacity he discovered that fulfilling customer needs while building relationships was tangible and rewarding, both personally and professionally. Steve’s success in sales led him to the buying side of the business, where he developed mill relationships to satisfy the increasing demand for steel plate, Chapel’s specialty. Over a 22-year career, he played an integral role in Chapel’s expansion, and rose to serve as Executive Vice President and President after the company was acquired by Reliance in 2005. Steve transitioned to Reliance’s corporate office to take on the position of Senior Vice President of Operations in 2010. Drawing from mentors, peers, and the larger Reliance family as well as his own reserve of experience, he enjoys the continued challenges, successes, and opportunities ahead for the diverse subsidiaries and divisions which he oversees.

          William K. Sales, Jr.

          Executive Vice President, Operations

          Reliance History
          2015-Present Executive Vice President, Operations
          2002-2015 Senior Vice President, Operations
          2001-2002 Senior Vice President, Non-Ferrous Operations
          1997-2001 Vice President, Non-Ferrous Operations
          Prior Experience
          1981-1997 Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corp.
          Industry Affiliations or Awards
          Chair, Aluminum Products Division Council, Metals Service Center Institute
          Board of Directors, Metals Service Center Institute
          BS, Industrial Engineering, Louisiana Tech
          MS, Industrial Engineering, Louisiana State University

          A degree in Engineering helped Bill Sales land his first job out of college with Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corporation. Beginning with engineering individual pieces for specific projects, Bill then gained valuable exposure to and experience in the production and sales departments. Over a 16-year tenure, he gained increasingly broader bases of knowledge and responsibility from which to make strategic decisions that affected the company. His knowledge of the supply side of the metals industry made Bill a great fit to head up Reliance’s non-ferrous operations, of which he took the helm in 1997. As Reliance increased its portfolio of specialty metals service centers, Bill’s experience has been instrumental, from both strategic acquisition and operational standpoints. Having been with Reliance for over 15 years, Bill now maintains operations oversight of numerous Reliance’s subsidiaries and divisions. In May 2015, he was promoted to the position of Executive Vice President of Operations. Additionally, he has been a director at the Metals Service Center Institute since 2011, and is the Chair of its Aluminum Products Division Council.

          Sheldon U. Tenenbaum

          Senior Vice President, Supplier Development

          Reliance History
          2009-Present Senior Vice President, Supplier Development
          1999-2009 Director, Supplier Development
          Prior Experience
          Chatham Steel Corporation
          Over 40 years' metals service center experience
          Industry Affiliations or Awards
          Board of Directors, Metals Service Center Institute
          Political Science, Tulane University

          Sheldon Tenenbaum grew up in the shadow of Chatham Steel, the company started in 1915 by his grandfather, Samuel, who immigrated to the United States from Europe in the early 20th century. The company was passed down to Sheldon’s father and uncles, who grew it to six locations throughout the southern United States. Sheldon, his brother, and their cousins followed in their fathers’ footsteps, joining and continuing to expand the family business into a major steel service center. Chatham Steel joined the Reliance Family of Companies in 1998, when Sheldon was its Vice President. Since then, he has contributed his more than four decades of knowledge and expertise of the metals industry to fostering relationships with Reliance suppliers. His role, Senior Vice President of Supplier Development, was formalized in 2009. Sheldon continues to work out of Chatham Steel’s headquarters in Savannah, Georgia.

          Karla R. Lewis

          Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

          Reliance History
          2015-Present Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
          2002-2015 Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
          2000-2002 Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
          1999-2000 Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
          1995-1999 Vice President & Corporate Controller
          1992-1995 Corporate Controller
          Prior Experience
          1988-1992 Ernst & Young LLP
          Industry Affiliations or Awards
          Board of Directors, Metals Service Center Institute
          BS Business, Ohio State University

          Upon the advice of a local CPA, Karla Lewis decided to become an accountant when she was in elementary school. She stayed the course, leaving the small farming town she grew up in to earn a BS in Business at Ohio State University, and later became a certified public accountant. A turning point came when Karla – unlike her peers, who opted to stay local or go to the East Coast – chose to do an internship in Los Angeles. When she graduated, the company (Ernst & Young, LLP) hired her full time, and she made her permanent move west. One of her first clients was Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co.

          Working on-site while conducting the independent audit, Karla had the opportunity to interact with many Reliance employees, both at the corporate headquarters and at some Reliance divisions. The insight she gleaned into Reliance’s unique culture influenced Karla’s decision to accept the position of Corporate Controller in 1992. Reliance was attractive not just because of the quality of people, but the opportunities for ongoing learning and development. In her two decades with Reliance, Karla has done just that. From Vice President and Corporate Controller, she progressively moved to Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer and, from 2002 to 2015, served Reliance as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. In May 2015, Karla was promoted to Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Additionally, she sits on the Board of Directors of the Metals Service Center Institute.

          Michael P. Shanley

          Senior Vice President, Operations

          Reliance History
          2015-Present Senior Vice President, Operations
          2009-2015 President, Liebovich Bros, Inc.
          2005-2009 Vice President & General Manager, Hagerty Steel and Aluminum
          Prior Experience
          1978-2005 Various positions at Liebovich Bros.

          It’s not certain whether his father’s career in the foundry business influenced Mike Shanley’s start in the metals industry, or whether it was just a matter of chance and timing. After landing a temporary plant position at Liebovich Bros., Inc. in Rockford, Illinois, though, he didn’t look back and he didn’t leave. A rarity even in an industry of many “old timers,” Mike Shanley has spent his entire career at Liebovich – actively participating in and even shepherding the company’s growth; in many ways, he himself grew up with the company. After working his way up the company ranks and gaining invaluable experience along the way, Mike became Vice President and General Manager of one of Liebovich Bros.’ divisions, Hagerty Steel & Aluminum. Having served four years in that position, he was then elevated to the presidency of Liebovich in 2009. Beginning in April 2015, Mike took on the role of one of Reliance’s Senior Vice President of Operations. He is responsible for overseeing the operations of a number of Reliance subsidiaries and divisions. As Mike continues his career in metals, his experience of having worked for and with some of the best people in the industry will be one of his most valuable resources, one he seeks to constantly renew and also draw from to share with others.

          William A. Smith II

          Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

          Reliance History
          2015-Present Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
          2013-2015 Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
          Prior Experience
          2009-2013 Senior Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary, Metals USA
          2005-2008 Senior Vice President, General Counsel, Secretary and Director of Corporate
          Development, Cross Match Technologies, Inc.
          1999-2005 Partner, Corporate and Securities Practice Group, DLA Piper
          JD, Georgetown University Law Center
          AB, Georgetown University

          Will Smith became Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary in May 2015. Will joined Reliance as Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary following Reliance’s acquisition of Metals USA in 2013. As Senior Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary of Metals USA, Will managed the company’s 2010 initial public offering and other corporate and transactional matters. Before Metals USA, Will was Vice President, General Counsel, Corporate Secretary and Director of Corporate Development for an international biometric technology company. Prior to that, he was a Partner in the Corporate & Securities practice group of DLA Piper. A stint as a Foreign Lawyer in in Seoul, Korea representing and counseling multinational corporations and engaging in a variety of commercial transactions also contributed to Will’s extensive domestic and international M&A experience. Will earned his J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center and his A.B. from Georgetown University.

          Robert A. McEvoy

          Robert A. McEvoy was appointed to the Board of Directors in October 2015. Mr. McEvoy retired from The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., a multinational investment bank and financial services company, in April 2014 after nine years with the firm. As a managing director at Goldman Sachs, Mr. McEvoy was a portfolio manager focused on the materials and industrials sectors. From 1989 to 2001, Mr. McEvoy held various positions with the investment banking firms of DLJ and Credit Suisse First 16 Table of Contents Boston. Mr. McEvoy’s investment banking and equity investment background, including his particular focus on the metals and mining industry and prior investment banking and analyst experience covering Reliance, enables him to assist the Board and the Company with the benefit of his knowledge of our Company, our industry and competitors, capital markets and financing strategies. Mr. McEvoy serves as a member of our Compensation Committee and Nominating and Governance Committee.

          Karen W. Colonias

          Karen W. Colonias joined the Board of Directors in October 2016. She is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of Simpson Manufacturing Co., Inc. ("Simpson"). Ms. Colonias is also a Director of Simpson, having served on the Board of Directors since 2013. Ms. Colonias was named President and Chief Executive Officer of Simpson in 2012 after serving as Simpson's Chief Financial Officer since 2009. Ms. Colonias joined Simpson Strong-Tie Company Inc., a subsidiary of Simpson, in 1984 as an engineer and subsequently held various management and executive positions, including Vice President. A licensed professional civil engineer, Ms. Colonias received a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from California State University, Sacramento and a Master of Business Administration degree from California State University, East Bay. Ms. Colonias serves as a member of our Compensation Committee and our Audit Committee.

          Douglas W. Stotlar

          Douglas W. Stotlar joined the Board of Directors in October 2016. He is currently a Director of the Detroit Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Mr. Stotlar was President and Chief Executive Officer of Con-way Inc. from 2005 until its acquisition by XPO Corporation in 2015. Mr. Stotlar joined Con-way in 1985 as a freight operations supervisor for Con¬Way Central Express and served in numerous management and executive capacities before becoming President and Chief Executive Officer in 2005. Mr. Stotlar has served on the Board of Directors of AECOM Technology Corporation since 2014. Mr. Stotlar served on the Board of Directors of URS Corporation from 2007 until its acquisition by AECOM Technology Corporation in 2014. Mr. Stotlar received a Bachelor of Science degree from The Ohio State University. Mr. Stotlar serves as a member of our Compensation Committee and our Audit Committee.

          Jeffrey W. Durham

          Senior Vice President, Operations

          Reliance/EMJ History
          January 2019 – Present Senior Vice President, Operations
          2014-2019 VP, Merchandising, EMJ – Chicago, IL
          2011-2014 District Manager, EMJ – Dallas, TX
          2008-2011 District Manager, EMJ – Malaysia
          2000-2008 General Sales Manager, EMJ – Dallas, TX
          1985-2000 Inside/Outside Sales/Sales Manager, Earle M. Jorgensen Company (EMJ) – Tulsa, OK
          Strategic Metals Management Program – Metals Service Center Institute BA, Business Administration – University of Central Oklahoma

          Having earned a degree in Business Administration, Jeff Durham knew that he wanted a job in sales upon graduation. But not just any sales job – he wanted something relationship- and service-based, that could be built on over the years, rather than a role in transactional sales. He had never heard of the metals service center industry, but when he went to an interview with Earle M. Jorgensen Company, he liked what he heard and saw. EMJ had been in business for over a half century and had a solid reputation. Little did he know that when he took a position as an Inside Sales Trainee, it would be the start not just of a job, but of a career. Over three decades with EMJ, Jeff progressed through many roles of increasing responsibility and witnessed the company’s as well as the industry’s evolution. Two years after EMJ was acquired by Reliance, Jeff traveled to Malaysia to establish and build EMJ’s presence there in support of existing customers. He returned to the U.S. to become EMJ’s Vice President of Merchandising, the role he held until he was promoted to the Reliance executive team in January 2019. As Senior Vice President of Operations, Jeff oversees operations of a number of Reliance divisions and subsidiaries.

          Allegheny Steel Distributors, Inc.

          Allegheny Steel Distributors, Inc. was founded in 1972 and is a diversified metals processor specializing in prime and non-prime hot rolled carbon steel sheet and coil. Joining the Reliance family of companies in 1999, the company now occupies over 100,000 square feet on nine acres in Indianola, 10 miles northeast of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Its customer base serves most major markets including: containers, recreational vehicles, service centers, tanks, job shops, buildings, fence posts, agriculture, lasers, furnaces, batteries, trailers, material handling equipment, rail and racks/conveyors.

          View Allegheny Steel Distributors, Inc. Website

          American Metals Corporation

          American Steel joined Reliance in July 1995, followed by American Metals in 1998. In 2009, they merged to form American Metals Corporation. The company is a diversified metals processor and distributor based in Canby, OR, with branches in Kent, WA, and Sacramento, Redding, and Fresno, CA. Its metals processing products include plate and plate coil, hot and cold-rolled sheet and coil, coated sheet and coil, angles, channels, beams, hot-rolled carbon bars, alloy bars, tubing and piping, expanded metal and gratings and aluminum and stainless steel. American Metals Corporation’s values of trust, respect, honesty, and tolerance provide a foundation for the ways it improves internal structures, processes, and methods to provide customers with excellent products and quality service. The company also operates a subsidiary, Lampros Steel, Inc., in Portland, OR and LSI Plate (a joint venture with Lampros) in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. In November 2013, it acquired Haskins Steel Co., Inc., of Spokane, WA, a carbon steel and aluminum processing center which strengthens American Metals’ presence in the Pacific Northwest.

          View American Metals Corporation Website


          AMI Metals, Inc.

          Founded in 1983 in Brentwood, Tennessee, AMI Metals, Inc. is now the premier full service metal service center providing aluminum plate, sheet, bar, and extruded profiles for the aerospace industry. AMI joined the Reliance family in 1997 and has expanded to six metals service centers across the nation, with international offices in Belgium, France, and the United Kingdom. A commitment to internal investments, along with management collaboration and communication across all locations, consistently realizes corporate best practices and gives AMI the flexibility to meet short-notice scheduling, minimizing overall cost impacts. AMI’s best-in-class IT customer interface ensures timely delivery of all products and services. 

          View AMI Metals, Inc. Website

          Bralco Metals

          Bralco Metals, a division of Reliance since 1977, is a leader in aerospace, aircraft and industrial metal products, meeting customers’ needs with unbridled quality standards and service. Headquartered in a 140,000 square-foot high-tech metal processing and distribution center in La Mirada, CA, with additional centers in Kent, WA, Garland, TX, Wichita, KS, Albuquerque, NM, and Phoenix, AZ, Bralco Metals offers pre-production precision processing including leveling, blanking, cut-to-length, slitting, sawing, shearing, grinding and machining. For over six decades, Bralco Metals has provided immediate delivery of ferrous and non-ferrous materials from a vast inventory of aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, beryllium, and stainless steel.  Products include coil, sheet, strip, plate, rod and bar.  Trained product specialists work with customers to meet any metal requirements. In July 2012, Bralco acquired Airport Metals, a stocking distributor of aircraft materials and supplies. Based in Melbourne, Airport Metals represents Reliance’s first presence in Australia. In October 2013, Affiliated Metals, a fellow Reliance division, joined the Bralco group of companies to expand the company’s presence in Salt Lake City and the Intermountain region.

          View Bralco Metals Locations

          CCC Steel, Inc.

          CCC Steel, Inc. is a metals distributor based in Rancho Dominguez, California, whose unique policy is to sell steel in original mill bundles or, in some cases, by the piece without further processing. CCC’s stock of carbon steel bars, structurals, plate, pipe and tubing totals over 3,000 items. CCC houses infrequently produced, hard-to-find items, benefiting customers who need such items but not in stringent minimum mill quantities. Facilities in Los Angeles, California and Salt Lake City, Utah and a distribution center in Chicago, Illinois serve the entire western United States. Joining the Reliance family in 1996 has given CCC greater leverage to maintain its distinctive stock and services.

          View more information about CCC Steel, Inc.

          Central Plains Steel Co.

          Anchored by roots in the steel industry dating back to the 1880s, Central Plains Steel Co. opened its Wichita, Kansas plant in 1982 to serve OEMs and other end users throughout the Midwest region. Central Plains is a full-line steel service center processing carbon and alloy steels. Its capabilities include slitting, cut-to-length, flame and plasma cutting, custom roll forming, along with other first step processing and just-in-time delivery. CPS joined the Reliance family in 2002, and continues to pair state-of-the-art equipment with unmatched dedication to quality in order to provide the exact metals that customers need, when they need it.

          View Central Plain Steel Co. Website

          Chapel Steel Corp.

          Chapel Steel specializes in the wholesale distribution and processing of structural, carbon, alloy, abrasion resistant, marine and offshore, pressure vessel quality (PVQ), and armor grades of steel plate. With over 45 years of industry-leading experience, Chapel Steel takes pride in its ability to understand customers’ needs and provide effective solutions with the fastest lead times in the industry. Chapel performs processing services including plasma and oxy-fuel cutting, beveling, drilling, tapping, milling, counter boring, plasma etching, custom forming, and shot blasting; its eight locations create a strategic distribution channel across North America. With an ISO 9001 2015 certification, Chapel Steel assures quality products and complete customer satisfaction. It has been a member of the Reliance Family of Companies since July 2005.

          View Chapel Steel Corp. Website

          Chatham Steel Corporation

          From its beginning in 1915 as a scrap iron and metal business in Savannah, Georgia, Chatham Steel Corporation has grown to become a major steel service leader for over 2,500 active customers. A family business for more than 80 years, Chatham became part of the Reliance family in 1998, further enhancing its ability to anticipate and meet its customers’ needs. Chatham now operates five divisions located in Savannah; Columbia, South Carolina; Orlando, Florida; Birmingham, Alabama; and Durham, North Carolina. Operations were expanded in 2008 to serve the nuclear industry, and Chatham continues to make internal improvements in order to respond quickly and accurately to customers’ requirements.

          View Chatham Steel Corporation Website

          Clayton Metals, Inc.

          Founded in 1976, Clayton Metals, Inc. processes and distributes slit coils and aluminum circles, which are used in industrial and commercial applications including transportation, electronics, lighting, and housewares. Whether customers need materials for stamping, roll forming, spinning, hydroforming or deep drawing, Clayton Metals works hard to understand and meet their specific needs. Customers come back because of the excellent service and quality of stainless, aluminum, copper and brass products. Clayton Metals, headquartered near Chicago, Illinois, became part of the Reliance family in 2007 and operates two additional locations near Los Angeles, California and Newark, New Jersey.

          View Clayton Metals, Inc. Website

          Continental Alloys & Services, Inc.

          Continental Alloys & Services, Inc. was established in 1976 as a small supplier of steel to the oil and gas industry. By developing its network of relationships and broadening its product lines from oil country tubular goods (OCTG) to mechanical tubing and solid bar, Continental grew its business and service area to Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates. Joining the Reliance family in 2011, Continental increased Reliance’s global reach, while at the same time lending Reliance's strength and reputation to Continental’s operations in North America. Continental’s mission remains: to be the global leader in materials management for the energy services industry, offering a complete range of products and value added services that meet or exceed customers’ demands.

          View Continental Alloys & Services, Inc. Website

          Crest Steel Corporation

          Founded in 1963, Crest Steel Corporation is a major distributor of structural steel products – steel beam, shapes, bar, plate, sheet, steel coil, and more – to industries including shipbuilding, solar support structures and commercial fabrication. Crest offers a variety of value-added processing services, efficiently serving customers from locations in Cypress and Riverside, California and Phoenix, Arizona. Crest joined Reliance’s family of companies in early 2007. Among other new opportunities, the combination with Reliance expanded Crest’s access to inventory and geographic reach, providing a solid footing in the steel plate distribution business.

          View Crest Steel Corporation Website

          Delta Steel, Inc.

          Founded in 1963, Delta Steel, Inc. has established a deep and diverse inventory, the best processing equipment in the industry and a dedicated, professional team. Experts at brokering partnerships with a diverse group of fabricators, OEMs, and other clients, Delta is a leading provider of steel and pre-production processing in the Southwest. Delta serves various industries domestically and abroad. Joining the Reliance family in 2008 increased Delta’s purchasing strength with steel mills and strong vendor relationships, further enabling Delta to provide the best products at the best prices to clients and customers.

          View Delta Steel, Inc. Website

          Diamond Manufacturing Company

          Diamond Manufacturing Company has provided OEMs, job shops, and architectural firms with quality perforated metal, plastic, and other materials since 1915. Headquartered in Wyoming, Pennsylvania, with additional locations in Cedar Hill, Texas, Michigan City, Indiana and Charlotte, North Carolina, Diamond became a part of the Reliance family in 2010. With the ability to perforate more than 2000 patterns, produce tolerances tighter than industry standard, and offer sheet, coil, tube, fabricated, or finished product, Diamond has the versatility to meet the needs of all its customers. In 2012, Diamond acquired McKey Perforating Co., Inc. which added two locations in New Berlin, Wisconsin and Manchester, Tennessee. Its capabilities and distinct responsiveness have made Diamond North America's leading and largest perforator. Diamond Manufacturing has provided original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), job shops, and architectural firms with quality perforated metal, plastic, and other materials since 1915; it became a part of the Reliance family in October 2010. With the ability to perforate more than 2000 patterns, produce tolerances tighter than industry standard, and offer sheet, coil, tube, fabricated, or finished product, Diamond has the versatility to meet the needs of all its customers. Diamond’s experts work to ensure complete customer satisfaction: providing design assistance or delivery information, organizing a bar-coded inventory system, or delivering directly to a construction site. Its capabilities and distinct responsiveness have made Diamond North America's leading and largest perforator.

          View Diamond Manufacturing Company Website

          Durrett Sheppard Steel Co.

          Founded in 1963 and a Reliance family member since 1998, Durrett Sheppard Steel is a diversified metals processor and distributor based in Baltimore, MD, whose processing capabilities include oxy and plasma burning, sawing and shearing from a 202,000 square-foot facility. Durrett Sheppard outsources a variety of other metal products and related processing requirements and delivers metal products to customers throughout Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington, D.C. Durrett Sheppard prides itself in quality, service and dedication to serving its customers' needs.

          View Durrett Sheppard Steel Co. Website


          View Website

          Earle M. Jorgensen Company

          Earle M. Jorgensen Company was founded as Jorgensen Steel and Aluminum in 1921 and quickly rose to be one of the country's largest stockers of bar, sheet, plate, tubing, and structural steel and aluminum, and a leading supplier to manufacturing companies across North America. A broad network of facilities, superior inventories, processing capabilities, and world-class technology enables them to provide unsurpassed service to their customers. Acquired by Reliance in 2006, EMJ’s 30+ U.S. locations and presence in Canada and Malaysia represent one of Reliance’s largest subsidiaries.

          View Earle M. Jorgensen Company Website

          Feralloy Corporation

          One of the country’s largest high-volume steel processing companies, Feralloy Corporation delivers quality processed flat rolled steel. From its Chicago base, Feralloy operates a network of five coil processing plants and seven joint venture facilities throughout the U.S. and Mexico that provide value-added processing of hot rolled, pickled, cold rolled and coated sheet products to manufacturers and producers. Feralloy has almost 60 years of industry experience and joined Reliance’s family of companies in 2008

          View Feralloy Corporation Website

          Gas House Metal Solutions

          GH Metal Solutions began in 1958 as an installer and servicer of heating and air conditioning systems, later transitioning to manufacturing metal parts. The company name embraces its heritage while representing its current business as a full service fabrication shop. Its 200,000 square-foot manufacturing space is one of the Southeast’s largest and most comprehensively capability shops, strategically located in Fort Payne, AL. GHMS’ diverse services – including in-house laser cutting, bar and tube processing, stamping, machining, sawing and welding services – continual investment in technology, and staff of 220 skilled and dedicated staff creates an atmosphere of quality driven production. GHMS joined the Reliance family when it was acquired by Feralloy Corporation in October 2012.

          View Gas House Metal Solutions Website

          Infra-Metals Co.

          Infra-Metals has built strong relationships with major vendors in the U.S. and globally. Beyond stock, Infra-Metals offers a broad array of services, tailored to meet local customers’ specific needs. Each Infra-Metals location has a commitment to saw cutting, beam splitting, cambering, punching, plate burning, and prompt delivery. Infra-Metals has been a Reliance subsidiary since 2008. Its deep and unique inventory often carries sections unavailable elsewhere. Constantly in the market purchasing steel has built strong relationships with major vendors in the U.S. and globally. Beyond stock, Infra-Metals offers a broad array of services, tailored to meet local customers’ specific needs. Each Infra-Metals location has a commitment to: saw cutting, beam splitting, cambering, punching, plate burning, and prompt delivery. As a Reliance subsidiary since August 2008, Infra-Metals has secure financing and a strengthened commitment to steel distribution and processing.

          View Infra-Metals Co. Website


          View Website

          Liebovich Bros., Inc.

          Liebovich Bros., Inc.'s state-of-the-art facilities in Rockford, Illinois, are fully equipped to provide high-definition plasma cutting, precision plate and sheet shearing, flame cutting, grinding, stress relieving and saw cutting, among other services. Their inventory of aluminum, hot and cold rolled steel, stainless steel, brass, copper and alloys is among the Midwest's largest. Whether customers need a single piece or 1,000 pieces cut, Liebovich is able to fill the order quickly and efficiently. The company continues investing in the latest technology and equipment and strives to improve its products and services. Liebovich has been part of the Reliance family since 1999. It also operates Liebovich Steel & Aluminum Company, Good Metals Company, Hagerty Steel & Aluminum Company, and Custom Fab Company.

          View Liebovich Bros., Inc. Website

          McKey Perforating Co, Inc.

          McKey makes complex perforated materials and parts using superior materials and precision machinery. Its professionals work closely with customers to engineer solutions that work best for their unique applications. Founded in 1860, McKey Perforating Company, Inc. has over 150 years of experience in providing perforated solutions to customers in the construction equipment, electronics, agricultural, medical, mining, chemical, architectural and automotive industries. It’s among the top perforators in the U.S. in production capacity and capabilities, and a founding member of the Industrial Perforating Association (IPA), which sets the standards for perforated materials. McKey was acquired by Diamond Manufacturing Company in February 2012.

          View McKey Perforating Co, Inc. Website


          MetalCenter is a metals processor and distributor of commercial aluminum, aerospace aluminum, and stainless steel. This Reliance division traces its roots back to 1980, when the non-ferrous operations of Reliance Steel Company were relocated from Los Angeles to Cerritos, California and renamed Reliance MetalCenter. In 1986, the name was shortened to MetalCenter, and in 1990 the company moved to a state-of-the-art 142,000 square-foot facility in Santa Fe Springs, California, absorbing the operations of Eureka Metals when it was acquired by Reliance in 1993. Today, MetalCenter is widely recognized as a leader in aluminum and stainless, whose diverse product range, processing capabilities, and superior quality are unmatched in this segment of the metals industry.

          View more information about MetalCenter

          Metals USA, Inc.

          Metals USA, Inc. is a national network of over 45 metals service centers providing processed carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, red metals, and manufactured metal components to a wide range of industries including land and marine transportation, energy, aerospace, defense, appliance manufacturing, furniture, commercial construction, machinery and equipment, and residential remodeling. Metals USA performs such value-added processes as cutting, sawing, punching, shot blasting, surface grinding, and drilling for delivery to customers in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. In early 2013, Metals USA joined the Reliance family of companies as a wholly-owned subsidiary and Reliance’s largest acquisition to date.

          View Metals USA, Inc. Website

          Metalweb Limited

          Metalweb Limited, established in 2001, provides comprehensive metals services to hi-tech industries, carrying out four key roles in the supply chain that help its customers perform more cost-effectively: holding stock; carrying out first stage processing; having no minimum quantity; and maintaining traceability. Metalweb– headquartered in Birmingham, with additional locations in London, Manchester, and Oxford, England – stocks one of the largest ranges of aluminum products in all alloys, including plate, sheet, bar, tube and other extruded products. Fully-trained technicians operate specialist plate saws, bar saws, a large bed waterjet cutter, and other precision processing equipment. Metalweb became a part of Reliance’s family of companies in 2007.

          View Metalweb Limited Website

          National Specialty Alloys, Inc.

          Since 1985, National Specialty Alloys, Inc. has been the supplier of choice of premium stainless steel, nickel, high temperature and specialty alloy bars and other shapes. With its experience, range of capabilities, accurate processing, same-day shipping, and much more, NSA is proud to be a single-source solution. Four strategic warehouse locations in Texas, California, Georgia and Oklahoma serve both domestic and international markets, with inventory, tracking, and expediting done electronically, in real time. This saves customers’ time, space, and money. With their in-depth product knowledge and extensive cross-training, the NSA sales and support teams are motivated to deliver fast, accurate information. Final inspection of every order and same-day shipping complete their customer commitment. NSA joined the Reliance family in 2012.

          View National Specialty Alloys, Inc. Website

          Pacific Metal Company

          Since 1876, with a firm belief that solid relationships and a strong commitment to quality and service are the backbone of good business, Pacific Metal Company has always put customers first. Headquartered in Tualatin, Oregon, with five additional locations in Seattle and Spokane, Washington; Boise, Idaho; Eugene, Oregon; and Billings, Montana, Pacific Metal serves the west, from Alaska to California’s Sacramento Valley to the eastern plains of Montana and Wyoming. From a diverse standard stock list to customer-specific inventories, customized just-in-time programs, and pre-production processing, Pacific Metal has worked hard to form mutually profitable business partnerships with all of its customers. Pacific Metal became part of the Reliance family in 2002. Its 135+ year history continues to be one of growth and adaptation to changing customer needs.

          View Pacific Metal Company Website

          PDM Steel Service Centers, Inc.

          PDM Steel Service Centers, Inc. began in 1954 with four service centers – in Fresno, Sacramento, San Jose, and Stockton, California – providing outstanding metal processing and delivery throughout Central and Northern California. By improving existing centers, building new ones, and continuing to expand into new areas, the company grew to nine locations with corporate headquarters in Stockton, California. PDM now serves the Southwest desert region of the United States into southwestern Canada and Alaska. Every PDM location has shears, automatic saws, and shape burning equipment, and its own modern fleet of trucks. Some centers also offer plasma cutting, computer aided design, and CNC. PDM’s range of services and reputation for excellent customer service made it a good fit for Reliance, who acquired PDM in 2001.

          View PDM Steel Service Centers, Inc. Website

          Phoenix Metals Company

          Founded in 1979, Phoenix Metals Company specializes in flat-rolled aluminum and stainless steel and coated carbon steel product. Phoenix creates a bridge between primary metal producers and consumers which enables them to custom fit orders, making it a one-stop depot for all its customers’ metal service needs. Phoenix Metals uses its state-of-the-art processing equipment to provide cut-to-length/blanking, slitting, shearing, plasma burning and polishing services. Headquartered near Atlanta, Georgia, Phoenix has grown to 13 locations in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Virginia.

          View Phoenix Metals Company Website

          Precision Flamecutting and Steel, Inc.

          In business since 1975 and acquired by Reliance in 2008, Precision Flamecutting and Steel, Inc. is an industry leader in flame cutting and plasma cutting carbon plate, alloy plate, and HSLA steel plate – so much so that competitors recommend Precision Flamecutting for especially difficult jobs. Beveling, machining, rolling, forming (including concentric and eccentric cones), heat treating, sandblasting, coating, grinding, and other miscellaneous machining and fabricating services are also offered. Precision Flamecutting’s commitment to its customers is to provide parts for their purchase requirements, on time and according to industry specifications. Precision Flamecutting’s sales, drafting and shop personnel are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to serve customers in any and every situation.

          View Precision Flamecutting and Steel, Inc. Website

          Precision Strip, Inc.

          Precision Strip, Inc. was founded in 1977 by five partners operating a used slitting line in Minster, Ohio. It is now one of the world's leading processors of rolled steel, aluminum, and copper, with almost 1,200 associates, and 12 facilities – located throughout Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Alabama, and Michigan. By providing one of the most diverse arrays of services in the industry, continually improving technologically, and partnering with customers, Precision Strip has earned a reputation for being the world’s premier toll processor. A fleet of approximately 225 tractor-trailers provides just-in-time delivery and ensures seamless service – from storage to processing to delivery – to the automotive, appliance, industrial products, and beverage can industries. Precision Strip has been a part of the Reliance family since 2003.

          View Precision Strip, Inc. Website

          Reliance Aerospace Solutions

          Reliance Aerospace Solutions (RAS) was established in 2007 to offer a single point of contact to distribute various aerospace grade products to contract customers and their sub-tier suppliers. Rather than maintaining or controlling any physical inventory, RAS fills orders using approved Reliance subsidiaries and divisions. The objective of RAS is to provide customers with the most comprehensive mix of products available in the industry, on-time and defect-free.

          View Reliance Aerospace Solutions Website

          Reliance Metalcenter

          Reliance’s seven Metalcenter divisions are strategically located in Colorado Springs, CO; Arlington (Dallas-Ft. Worth) and San Antonio, TX; National City (San Diego) and Union City (Northern California), CA; Phoenix, AZ; and Salt Lake City, UT. Each independently-operating service center has an established reputation for satisfying customer demand for a wide range of metals products and value-added processing using state-of-the art equipment and shipped for just-in-time delivery. Metalcenters cater to diverse customers including general fabricators, truck trailer manufacturers, precision sheet metal shops, kitchen equipment and structural steel fabricators, sports equipment manufacturers, and the telecommunications, energy, computer chip-making, and aerospace industries. All Metalcenters strive for the highest level of customer satisfaction and quality, drawing on Reliance’s resources to invest in their operations and improve services as their local markets dictate.


          View Reliance Metalcenter Locations

          Reliance Steel Company

          Reliance Steel Company is New Mexico's largest full-line carbon steel processor and distributor, supplying value-added metals products to customers throughout New Mexico, Southern Colorado and El Paso, Texas. This Reliance division is renowned for its quality "first step" processing capabilities.

          Reliance Steel Company – Los Angeles still operates on the plot of land purchased in 1952 that was shared with Reliance headquarters, until the corporate office moved to Downtown Los Angeles. Reliance Steel Company now operates from a 275,000 square-foot facility with the capability to process value-added carbon steel products for a diverse customer base throughout Southern California. Reliance Steel Company – Los Angeles prides itself on quality, service and a dedication to serving its customers' needs.

          View Reliance Steel Company Locations

          Service Steel Aerospace Corp.

           Service Steel Aerospace Corp. was founded in 1976 and is one of the largest aerospace steel and titanium distributors in the world. It stocks a vast selection of aerospace quality steel and titanium, maraging steel and invar steel products for the aerospace and other critical application industries. SSA’s large inventory and mill relationships enable it to offer immediate delivery of hard-to-find products. In addition to providing stock, SSA performs a wide array of value-added processing including forging, custom in-house cutting, heat treating, ultrasonic testing, trepanning, and turning/grinding. Strategic locations in Fife, Washington; Massillon, Ohio; Pico Rivera, California; and Bristol, Connecticut and a team of experienced staff, quickly fill orders and release them for worldwide shipping. SSA has been a part of the Reliance family since 1997. It acquired Dynamic Metals International, LLC located in Bristol, Connecticut, in 2008.

          View Service Steel Aerospace Corp. Website

          Siskin Steel & Supply Co., Inc.

          In 1900, Robert Siskin and a friend opened a scrap metal business with $6.00 and a rented lot in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Over the course of a century the business has grown to eight locations across Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky and South Carolina, serving most of the southeastern United States. Two partners have increased to hundreds of skilled employees, and the product line has grown beyond standard warehouse carbon steel, stainless, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals to specialty and hard-to-find items. In 1996, Siskin was acquired by Reliance. Subsequent Reliance acquisitions – Georgia Steel Supply Co., East Tennessee Steel Supply Co., Industrial Metal & Surplus, Inc., and Athens Steel, Inc. – were integrated into the Siskin Steel group.

          View Siskin Steel & Supply Co., Inc. Website

          Sugar Steel Corporation

          Sugar Steel Corporation, headquartered near Chicago, Illinois has been in business since 1966, meeting customers’ metal needs while providing exceptional service. Sugar Steel prides itself in establishing long lasting customer partnerships built on its ability to save customers both time and money. Beyond supplying stock material, Sugar Steel provides first-stage processing. This service has been the key to the company’s continued growth and success since the very beginning. It has been a part of the Reliance family of companies since 2008.

          View Sugar Steel Corporation Website

          Sunbelt Steel Texas, Inc.

          Sunbelt Steel Texas, Inc. was founded in 1986 as a distributor of specialty alloy steel bar whose business hinges on high quality product and short lead times. Forging strong relationships with key steel mills allowed Sunbelt to achieve the former, while investing in key value-added services, like saw cutting and straightening, helped it attain the latter. As its customer base has expanded over the years, so has the company’s line of machines, services, and inventory. Today, Sunbelt is a recognized premium provider of special alloy steel bar and heavy-wall tubing products to the oil and gas industry. Sunbelt is also known for personal service, custom delivery, stocking the right products at convenient locations, and attention to detail. The company joined the Reliance family in 2012.

          View Sunbelt Steel Texas, Inc. Website

          Toma Metals, Inc.

          Toma Metals, Inc. is a diversified metals processor and distributor based in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, and is specifically recognized as a leader in the stainless steel market. Founded in 1986, Toma’s strong relationships with suppliers ensure a steady flow of both prime and secondary products, which uniquely positions Toma to reach virtually any market. Toma’s success led to its becoming a part of the Reliance brand in 2000. Toma’s industry expertise, superior facilities, and quality service, and dedication to customers have enabled it to become one of the largest stainless steel distributors in the country.

          View Toma Metals, Inc. Website


          View Website

          Tube Service Co.

          Founded more than three decades ago, Tube Service Co., headquartered in Los Angeles, California, introduced the nation’s first high-tech computerized storage and retrieval systems, and continues to provide tubular laser processing services and distribution throughout the western United States. Tube Service Co. leads the way with three state-of-the-art tube laser processing centers which specialize in cutting stainless, aluminum and carbon tubular shapes. The company distributes a full array of ferrous and non-ferrous tubular products, laser tube processing, cutting to length tube processing, and marketing seamless and drawn over mandrel tubing (aluminum, stainless, carbon, and alloy). Six service centers in California, Arizona, Colorado and Oregon, excellent relationships with most major tube and pipe mills around the world, and a knowledgeable and experienced sales staff makes Tube Service Co. the first choice to meet customers’ tubular product needs.

          View Tube Service Co. Website

          Valex Corp.

          Valex Corp. started in 1976 and became part of the Reliance family in 1986. Headquartered in Ventura, California, Valex is the world's leading manufacturer and distributor of ultra-high purity (UHP) products used in gas delivery systems. Its products have been long established as components of choice by semiconductor producers and manufacturers of semiconductor equipment. Ongoing research and development, as well as plant improvements, continually enhance its position as a market leader. Valex Corp. products have acquired a distinguished worldwide reputation by fulfilling customers' requirements for excellent reliability and quality. Valex has two additional locations near Seoul, South Korea and Shanghai, People’s Republic of China.

          View Valex Corp. Website

          Viking Materials, Inc.

          Viking Materials, Inc. was founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1972. Viking developed into a major metals supplier to the Upper Midwest. It now has an additional location near Chicago, Illinois. In addition to providing the best products available, Viking Materials learned early on that excellent service and creating solutions were the keys to success. This philosophy of evolving with customers’ needs helps the company focus on its vision of being the market’s first choice for metal products. In 2001, Viking Materials joined Reliance’s family of companies.

          View Viking Materials, Inc. Website

          Yarde Metals, Inc.

          Yarde Metals, Inc. was founded in 1976 in Bristol, Connecticut. Over the years this family company grew to 10 service centers along the East Coast and into the Midwest, serving markets across the United States, Europe and Asia. In 2003, headquarters moved to a completely renovated state-of-the-art 500,000 square-foot facility in Southington, Connecticut. The company joined the Reliance family in 2006 and specializes in aluminum, stainless, carbon steel, brass and copper in a wide range of standard, unique and hard-to-find sizes. It also offers a variety of modern processing services and ensures quick turnarounds and fast deliveries. Yarde’s customers are supported by a team of 600 highly motivated associates.

          View Yarde Metals, Inc. Website


          Affiliated Metals

          Affiliated Metals, a member of the Bralco Metals group, is a diversified metals processor and distributor located in Salt Lake City, Utah serving the Intermountain region. Operating in a state-of-the-art 80,000 square-foot facility which maintains various high-tech processing equipment, Affiliated Metals offers an array of aluminum, stainless, brass, copper, bronze, and other specialty metals to fabricators and manufacturers. Affiliated’s size and processing capabilities allow it to not only meet but exceed the requirements of exacting customers, leading to repeat business and longstanding relationships.

          View Affiliated Metals Website



          EMJ Canada

          In addition to over 30 service centers in the United States and its location in Malaysia, Earle M. Jorgensen Company has operations in Edmonton, Montreal, Quebec, and Toronto, Canada. The company’s large geographic network, its depth and breadth of supply, and its incomparable service – employing its founder’s motto of, “Hustle, that’s all!” – make EMJ Canada the first choice for metals supply, processing, and delivery by Canadian industries including oil and gas, manufacturing, forestry,  construction, and mining.  EMJ was acquired by Reliance in 2006 and represents one of Reliance’s largest subsidiaries.

           Visit EMJ Canada Website


          Encore Metals

          With locations in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, and Winnipeg, Encore Metals – supplies specialist high grade steel and metals. These include carbon and alloy steels, stainless steels, nickel alloys, iron bar, aluminum and bronze. Encore’s processing capabilities include bar sawing, trepanning, stainless plate profiling and plate sawing. With roots dating back to 1892, Encore Metals has not only seen but been a major player in the growth and development of the metals service center industry in Canada. The company strives to live by its mission statement to “provide superior service and the highest quality products to our customers while maintaining a safe work environment for all employees, contractors, and visitors.”  Encore Metals joined the Reliance family of companies in 2007.

          View Encore Metals Website

          Team Tube

          Team Tube  specializes in mechanical steel tubing – including microhoned ID tubing – specifically designed to serve hydraulic and general machine shops. Since 1977, Team Tube’s inventories have grown to include chrome-moly alloy tubing, chrome plated bars, ductile iron bars, Zincaloy tubing and bar, and much more. Customers have also increased to include the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) industry. Team Tube services Canada wide from its 5 locations in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal.   Team Tube has been a member of the Reliance family since 2007.

          View Team Tube Website

          All Metal Services

          AMS was founded in 1974 in London, England. Over the past four decades the company has grown to five locations across the United Kingdom, with international presence in France, Malaysia, China, and India. This strategic network of service centers supports customers in over 40 countries worldwide. Today, AMS is the world’s largest raw material service provider to the aerospace and defense industries. AMS offers a broad range of aerospace metals including aluminum, steel, titanium, nickel alloys, and aluminum bronze. The company also provides cut to length, plastic coating, machining, and bar, waterjet, and tube cutting services. AMS and its reputation as a well-established and trusted supplier is a welcome addition to the Reliance Family of Companies, which it joined in August 2014.

          View All Metal Services Website

          Northern Illinois Steel Supply Company 

          Northern Illinois Steel, located in Channahon, Illinois, has been serving the needs of Illinois- and Indiana-based customers since 1961. NIS is a complete metalworks fabricating company, producing parts and products in aluminum, brass, copper, and stainless steel products in all grades, shapes, and sizes. The company’s 80,000 square foot warehouse and fabrication facilities are fully stocked with thousands of tons of plate, sheet, structural, bars, tubing, grating, and more. State-of-the-art processing equipment and a computerized inventory system, combined with skilled, knowledgeable, and dedicated staff – including drivers to operate a large fleet of delivery vehicles – mean that NIS can safely and efficiently process orders and offer “just in time” delivery, oftentimes on the same or the next day. NIS became a part of Reliance’s Family of Companies in August 2014.

          View Northern Illinois Steel Supply Company Website

          Fox Metals and Alloys, Inc.

          Started in Houston in 1985, Fox Metals & Alloys specializes in alloy, carbon, and stainless steel bar and plate products. Its processing capabilities include saw cutting, plate burning, and testing. Fox supplies OEMs and machine shops that support the oil and gas and petrochemical industries, in which timeliness is critical. The company prides itself on its customer-centered practices: understanding each customer’s unique needs and delivering efficient and cost-effective solutions. With its fleet of eight delivery trucks, its strong reputation for delivering custom products and solutions, and unparalleled quality and customer service, Fox a trusted supplier serving serve Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Fox Metals joined the Reliance Family of Companies in December 2014.

          Visit Fox Metals and Alloys, Inc. Website




          Tubular Steel, Inc.

          Tubular Steel, Inc. (TSI) was founded in 1953 in St. Louis, Missouri. Over the years, TSI has grown its business in terms of products, services, locations, and employees. Today, the company consists of seven service centers across the United States, which stock over 60,000 tons and ship over 2 million custom-cut lengths of pipe, tubing, and bar products annually. In addition to being a leading distributor and processor of carbon, alloy, and stainless steel products, TSI and its team of over 350 employees is dedicated to helping their customers achieve savings through their innovative solutions. The company, along with its subsidiary, Metalcraft Enterprises, Inc., was acquired by Reliance in January 2016.

          View Tubular Steel, Inc. Website


          Started in 1978, Olympic Metals is a non-ferrous metal distribution company in Commerce City, CO, serving the Front Range region from Wyoming to New Mexico. Olympic operates in a 20,000 square-foot warehouse. With five precision non-ferrous saws, precision tolerance sawing is a specialty. Aluminum, copper, brass, and bronze are stocked in all mill forms. Olympic Metals became a part of the Reliance family in April 2002.

          Visit Olympic Metals' web page

          Best Manufacturing, Inc.

          Best Manufacturing, Inc., joined the Reliance Family of Companies in April 2016. Founded in 1990 and headquartered in Jonesboro, Arkansas, Best is a direct and toll fabricator of steel and aluminum products primarily serving the trucking, agriculture, and energy end markets. In addition to performing laser cutting, shearing, CNC punching, forming, and rolling, Best provides value-added services such as welding, assembly, painting, and inventory management. From engineering prototypes through welded assembly, Best is a one-stop-shop for custom sheet metal fabrication.

          View Best Manufacturing, Inc. Website

          DuBose National Energy Services, Inc.

          Founded in 1990, DuBose National Energy Services offers the largest, most diverse inventory of nuclear certified and safety-related materials and services in the United States. Over the years, DuBose has grown its fabrication capabilities to ensure quality and allowing the company to provide better solutions for its customers. DuBose Energy now operates in over 200,000 square feet in Clinton, North Carolina. Its affiliate company, DuBose National Energy Fasteners & Machined Parts, Inc. has highly skilled machinists and precision equipment on hand to support 24/7/365 global fabrication, supply, and distribution of metal and metal products to the nuclear industry. DuBose Fasteners was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. Both companies were acquired by Reliance in March 2018.

          View DuBose National Energy Services, Inc. Website

          The KMS Companies

          KMS Fab, LLC was founded in 1954 in Luzerne, Pennsylvania, with just two employees. KMS South, Inc. was founded in 1987 in West Columbia, South Carolina. The KMS Companies now employ a team of over 200 employees and net over 250,000 square feet in plants and factories. KMS’ specialty is precision sheet metal fabrication of products ranging from prototypes to large production runs. The KMS Companies also produce zinc plating, welded mechanical and electro-mechanical assemblies, and stainless steel parts. They offer a wide variety of metals and fabrication methods, including laser cutting, stamping, turret punching, automation, machining, powder coating, e-coating, silk screening, anodizing, and welding. KMS joined the Reliance Family of Companies in 2018.

          View KMS Website

          All Metals Processing and Logistics, Inc.

          Reliance’s acquisition of All Metals, in November 2018, included All Metals Processing & Logistics, Inc. (AMPL) and All Metals Transportation and Logistics, Inc. (AMTL). AMPL is a toll processing specialist, serving the automotive, construction, appliance, and other diverse end markets from its headquarters in Spartanburg, South Carolina and an additional location in Cartersville, Georgia. AMTL provides value-added transportation and logistics for metals products. It operates a fleet of more than 100 trucks from six strategically located terminals throughout the southeastern United States.

          View All Metals Processing and Logistics, Inc. Website


          The Richardson Trident Company, LLC

          The Trident Company was founded in October 1962. Over the past half-century, the business has grown into a multi-faceted metals service center, servicing national customers from its locations in Richardson, Odessa, and Houston, Texas; Tulsa, Oklahoma; and Kansas City, Missouri. Trident distributes non-ferrous metals including aluminum, stainless, as well as specialty performance and corrosion-resistant products. Its processing services include boring, honing, turning, cutting, slitting, sheeting, shearing, and saw operations. Trident was acquired by Reliance in 2014, when it was a subsidiary of Metals USA.

          View The Richardson Trident Company, LLC Website


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